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Our Mission

We believe your legal dispute should be determined by what is fair, not by whether or not you can afford to hire a lawyer.

A great lawyer can make a world of difference to your legal dispute. But finding the right lawyer and budgeting for legal fees can be daunting.

That’s why we’ve simplified the process.

FundingMyClaim.com is a free and unique comparison site that makes finding a lawyer and funding your case easy. Our free service can put you in touch with expert lawyers from our pre-approved panel who can either represent you on a No-Win-No-Fee representation or can apply for specialist funding. Letting you focus on your case safe in the knowledge you’re set up for success, both legally and financially.

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About Us

FundingMyClaim.com was founded by Neil Johnstone, a practising barrister, in response to a common problem he noticed: Clients were unable to pursue deserving cases due to a lack of upfront funds.

Despite the potential for significant settlements in the future, clients often had to under-settle, or abandon their cases altogether, due to an inability to pay their legal fees. Neil knew that better access to No-Win-No-Fee representation and legal funding could help bridge the gap, and so founded FundingMyClaim.com; a first-in-kind platform designed to connect eligible clients with specialist law firms and funders. 

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Neil Johnstone
Barrister & Founder
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Our editorial standards

At FundingMyClaim.com our goal is to offer unbiased information about the law, and about your legal funding options. We only ever work with great writers; including practising lawyers, industry experts, and legal academics.

We’re not shy of offering an opinion, and our aim is always to keep our content engaging, practical, rooted in research, and guided by the experience of real world lawyers.

How we make money

At FundingMyClaim.com we have a "readers first" philosophy. We’re here to create the best online legal content, free to all.

Should you want to take the next step, we can help you find an independent lawyer who will be able to either represent you on a No-Win-No-Fee basis or to apply for legal funding on your behalf. For this introduction we may receive a commission from the lawyer. We will only ever introduce you to a pre-approved lawyer or law firm who are experts in their field, and who are fully independent.

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Litigation Finance Journal

We recently contributed to a thought provoking panel discussion on the Supreme Court's recent judgement in R (on the application of PACCAR Inc and others) (Appellants) v Competition Appeal Tribunal and others (Respondents) for the industry's leading publication, The Litigation Finance Journal.

Check out the recording, and see the article here.

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We are really excited and just a little bit proud to announce that we have been featured in FeedSpot as one of the top 25 legal blogs in the UK.

Thanks to the FeedSpot team and of course to all our readers for helping us reach this milestone!

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