Neil Johnstone is a practising barrister and the founder of Neil is a barrister with an interest in all forms of civil and family law, and has appeared at all Court levels, up to and including the Court of Appeal. Prior to entering civil legal practise Neil was the first operational Royal Marines Officer to qualify as a barrister for the Naval Legal Service. During his Naval legal career Neil prosecuted cases at Court Martial, where he developed excellent advocacy skills, and advised on International Maritime law having studied the subject the University of Oxford.

Neil founded in response to a common problem he noticed: Clients were unable to pursue deserving cases due to a lack of up-front funds. Despite the potential for significant settlements in the future, clients often had to under-settle, or abandon their cases altogether, due to an inability to pay their legal fees. Neil knew that better access to No-Win-No-Fee representation and legal funding could help bridge the gap, and so founded; a unique comparison site connecting clients, law firms, and specialist funders. When not representing clients in Court or building, Neil enjoys walking and cycling near his home in Oxfordshire, as well as spending time with his wife, three children, and their feisty chihuahua George.

Year of call

Neil was called to the Bar in 2015.


Neil is a member of:
The Honourable Society of Middle TempleThe Family Law Bar AssociationThe Personal Injuries Bar Association


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