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Divorce Law

Forcing A House Sale: Dealing With The Family Home When Divorce Turns Nasty

What are your rights as a property owner during a divorce? Can you force the sale of a property when your partner refuses to? Find out in this guide...
Divorce Law

Specific Issue Orders- A Guide To Protecting Your Child’s Wellbeing

Is there something you and your ex-partner cannot agree on regarding your child? You may need to apply for a Specific Issue Order. Learn how in this guide...
Divorce Law

Who Gets The House In A Divorce? A Barrister's Guide For 2023

Are you unsure about who gets the house in a divorce? From rights to occupy, to out-of-court settlements, this barrister's guide has all your answers!
Divorce Law

Know Your Rights: A Complete Guide To Matrimonial Home Rights

This is your one-stop guide to knowing all your matrimonial home rights: What are they? How to register for them? How to extend them? Find out in this post!