Do You Need Help Paying For Your Divorce?

With help from a specialist funder, you can afford to hire a great lawyer and win the divorce settlement you truly deserve

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Solving the 5 most common divorce problems

Do any of these sound familiar?
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"I want to fight for a fair settlement, but I can't afford to pay a lawyer up front"
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"My partner is better funded than me, and they already have a lawyer"
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"I want to hire a lawyer, but I fear that I'll run out of money before the case is over"
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"I'm not eligible for legal aid and my bank won’t give me a loan"
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"I need to plan for my future, but the financial uncertainty is making it impossible"
If this sounds familiar, don't worry- You are not alone.

The cost of divorce is often peoples' number one concern.

But now there is a great new way to pay for a divorce lawyer...

You Can Now Get Specialist Funding To Help Pay For Your Divorce Lawyer

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What is divorce funding?

A new range of specialist lenders can now provide funding to help pay for the costs of your divorce.

Unlike high street banks, these lenders are dedicated specialists who only lend for divorce and family law cases. They can provide you with upfront funding to pay for a lawyer and other legal costs, such as court fees. They charge simple, competitive interest rates, and you only repay at the end of your claim, directly from your settlement amount.

These specialist funders work hand-in-hand with your lawyer, and are increasingly recognised as one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to fund your divorce.

Check out our FAQs to learn more.

What are the benefits of divorce funding?

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Specialist divorce funding can help introduce certainty to the divorce process by securing upfront funding for the whole of your lawyer’s fees.
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The simple and affordable loan is only repaid at the end of the case, meaning you don’t have to pay a penny until you’ve received your settlement.
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You can still choose own solicitor who you are comfortable with, and who will handle the loan application process on your behalf.
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You can use the loan for any divorce or child custody proceedings, whether via mediation or in court. You can even get help towards your living expenses while you wait for your settlement.
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The loan is decided on the strength of your case, not your credit score. So you can level up, even if your partner holds all the financial cards.
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With all your funding secured from the outset, and a great lawyer in your corner, you can afford to fight for a fair share of the divorce settlement, or better child custody rights.

How Do I Apply?

Here at we can help you secure the representation and funding you need.

Just fill out our enquiry form and we can put you in touch with a range of expert divorce lawyers who will be able to apply for legal funding on your behalf.

You can apply at any stage of your case, and our service is completely free, with no commitment required.

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Learn more about the features of a legal loan.

How do I apply?

Simply submit our application form and we’ll then email you asking a few short questions about your case. Once we have your case details, one or more solicitors from our pre-approved panel will contact you to discuss your case, and your eligibility for funding. All our solicitor partners are expert divorce lawyers, and have pre-arranged agreements with specialist legal funders.

Our service is completely free and there is no commitment required from you: You’re free to chose any of the solicitors and funders you like, or none at all.

What types of case can be funded?

You can get funding for the majority of family law cases; including divorce proceedings, cohabitation property disputes, and child custody cases.

What can my loan be used for?

A specialist legal loan can be used to fund the whole of your lawyer’s fees, and any additional legal costs such as court fees. The funding can also be used to further strengthen your case by paying for specialists like a barrister, a forensic account, or a surveyor. Some lenders can also provide you a separate facility to cover your reasonable living expenses.

How much will the loan cost?

Rates vary between different providers, but they typically charge a simple (non compounded) rate of around 1.5% per month. Interest is generally only charged on the amount drawn down, and only repaid at the end of your case, directly from the settlement amount.

For example, if you had a pre-approved loan of £10,000 at 1.5% per month, and you used £6000 of it over 6 months for your legal fees, you would pay £540 in interest. Both the principal (£6000) and the interest (£540) would be repaid directly from your settlement amount at the end of the case.

*Note: These examples are illustrative only, and rates will vary by lender.

What are the key features of the loan?

Credibility – A legal funding loan will be taken into account by a judge as a liability on your side (meaning they can award you a larger share of the divorce settlement to compensate), whereas a loan from friends or family might be considered a ‘soft’ loan, and not taken into account by the judge.

Flexibility – You can apply at any stage of your divorce proceedings, and interest is only paid on the amount drawn down for settlement of your lawyer's invoices.

No payments upfront –You only repay the loan at the conclusion of the proceedings, once the settlement has been paid. 

Stress-free- You solicitor handles the entire application process on your behalf. Once approved, an account is opened for your solicitor and your pre-approved funds are deposited. Each time your solicitor raises an invoice he or she will ask you to approve it before drawing down the funds from the account.

When do I have to repay the loan?

In most cases your solicitor will repay the loan directly to the lender upon receipt of the final settlement amount . The balance of your settlement will then be paid to you. With most lenders the interest is rolled up and only becomes payable at the end of the loan term when the loan itself is repaid.

How long will the application process take?

Most solicitors and funders can turn around your loan application in a matter of days. You can apply at any stage of your case, and you will always have 14 day cooling off period after signing the loan agreement.

Does my lawyer benefit from the loan?

Your solicitor is completely independent and receives no financial incentive from either, or from the lender. However, you and your solicitor will benefit from the loan in the sense that all legal costs and disbursements are paid without delay, meaning the strategy of the case will not be hindered by lack of access to funds.

How does make money?

Should you wish to apply via we can help you find an independent lawyer who will be able to request legal funding on your behalf.

For this introduction we may receive a commission from the lawyer. We will only ever introduce you to a pre-approved lawyer or law firm who are experts in their field, and who are fully independent.

Is a law firm?

No- is not a law firm, and is not a regulated entity.

Although authors or contributors to this website may be legal professionals, they are not your lawyer. All content and information on this website, including any ancillary information products such as our email newsletter, is/are for informational and educational purposes only, does not constitute legal advice, and does not establish any kind of lawyer-client relationship by your use of this website.

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